W7 A Good Hiding


Suddenly, it’s all about built-in sponge applicators – but at the affordable end of the market (as opposed to Estée Lauder, say), this is as good as it gets. What’s the advantage of a sponge applicator? It blends as the colour’s applied, as opposed to brush dispensers where you often have to pat into skin with a finger.  This is a good concealer in its own right, but the sponge tip makes it especially easy to access the dark shadows at the inner corner of the eyes – a trick which makes a huge difference when you’re seeking to make eyes look more wide-awake.

The downside is that it only comes in a couple of shades, thus far (get with the programme, W7!): Light/Medium and Medium. (Get with the skin-matching programme, guys!) But the blendability means that for those skintones, there’ll be a good match. As ever with any sponges, you’ll need to wash the tip regularly just as you do your brushes.  But this is one of the few occasions when we think it’s more than OK to be a sponger.

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