Voya Effervescence Nourishing Scrub


Voya is a seaweed-powered range from Ireland whose products include a proper, next-best-thing-to-wallowing-in-a-rock-pool seaweed soak. Mineral-rich seaweed, of course, has great skin-silkifying benefits – and here it’s put to great use in a downright fabulous body-buffer. It’s sugar-based – which we always prefer to salt. (Salt can be drying – plus we always seem to be covered in nicks from cooking or gardening, and that can sting). There’s plenty of hand-harvested seaweed in a nourishing base of almond oil, sunflower oil and seaweed oil (who knew there was such a thing?)

Skin feels gorgeous afterwards: satin-y soft – and with a restored glow, after those dead, flat, non-reflective cells have been banished. The scent is just lovely, grounding and soothing the senses with a blend of rosemary and lavender (and just a little ozonic waft from the seaweed). As with anything, the smell factor’s vital for us. If something doesn’t float our boat fragrance-wise (or perhaps, in this case, our rubber duck), we probably won’t bother to use it again.

And – just as we were getting to the last scrapings of the scrubs by our tubs – we have a new favourite.

Voya Effervescence Nourishing Scrub/£34 for 250 g at voya.ie