Vita Liberata Marula Dry Oil Self Tan SPF50


It will alas, by the look and feel of it, be a while before the sun-protective benefits of this come into their own. But for winter-pale skin (or skin that’s had a holiday in the sun and the tan’s starting to wear off), this is fab. It’s a sinks-in-fast oil – based around marula (sort of ‘the new argan’) – and the results are very light and natural indeed. It feels fab on the skin, delivers a little instant glow and shimmer – and then over the next few hours, the sun-kissed look emerges.

What’s more, Vita Liberata’s innovative signature pHen02® technology means that the results actually last way longer than most. In normal circumstances, the skin cells turn over between 4-7 days – taking your tan with it. This, however, releases the tanning agent over a longer period of time, for a longer-lasting result. (And they’ve got the consumer trials to prove it.)

It’s just one of several brilliant Vita Liberata bronzing innovations we’ll be sharing with you, as the days lengthen.

The only warning with this is it’s so nice to use, it’s a little too easy to forget that it’s a tanning product – and end up with orangutan palms. Do wash hands afterwards!

But a gold star for this dry oil self-tan, nonetheless.

Vita Liberata Dry Oil Self Tan/£39.95 for 100ml at