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There's a lot about Victoria Beckham that was going to appeal to the folks at Estée Lauder. She's got natural style. She never looks anything but groomed and cool. And family comes top of her list of priorities, as it always has with the Lauder family. Which she has just joined, basically, with the launch of her Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder collection. It's not yet a full collection – no foundations or even blushers, for instance (and no mascara yet either) – but what we've tried so far looks and feels fabulous, and performs exceptionally.

The products are what you'd expect from Victoria: smouldering eye products, nude lips (though there's a fab red, as you'll see below), and dewy skin. Here's what we like best.

Morning Aura Illuminating Cream Wonderfully moisturising and comfy, you ight get away with this on its own if your skin is normal-to-combination. (And even if you're dry-skinned, you won't find you need much moisturiser underneath this.) It's got micro-pearls which create a really radiant skin finish, which gleams through your foundation without looking 'sweaty'. Just plain and simply radiant.

Eye Ink (Black Myrrh) This is shimmering, glimmering without being disco-glittery: densely-pigmented for a fantastic smoky with a touch of light to it. Layer it on for the perfect amount of smokiness. We're loving it with a black khol liner to complete the rock chick vibe. (And it's meant to be worn smudge-y, we're told.)

Lipstick (Chilean Sunset) A rich, vibrant, stay-put coral with a creamy texture and a matte-not-flat finish. A don't-mess-with-me lipstick.

The packaging is fantastic: really expensive feeling, weighty and with a ridged texture that is both chic and pleasingly tactile.

The limited edition collection is a Selfridges exclusive – but mark our words: this is just the start – because rather like her husband, Victoria Beckham can't put a foot wrong, as this collection proves.

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