Veronique Gabai La Crème Moisturising Body Cream Eau du Jour

Recently we had the pleasure of an encounter with the woman behind this brand, a former Estée Lauder exec by the name of (yes) Veronique Gabai. (Gabai-Pinsky, to give her full name.) Veronique used to head up Lauder’s fragrance division, and so she 1000% knows her stuff scent-wise – as is evidenced by an exquisite collection that just landed at Liberty

The whole line is inspired by Veronique’s roots in the Côte d’Azur – and as we enjoy what is a very soggy early autumn (albeit welcome after what was a drought in these parts), the dose of sunshine they deliver is most welcome.

We’ve been back several times for a spritz at the counter, trying hard to figure out which of the nine fragrances most pushes our bateau. Possibly Souvenirs de Tunisie, which taps into Veronique’s Tunisian heritage, and is a cloud of orange blossom, neroli, bergamot, sandalwood and orange wood. Or maybe Noire de Mai, which takes Grasse May rose and turns it utterly velvety, with moss, amber and black rose. Gorgeous, all of them – and if you’re anywhere near Liberty, dip in for a play. (You’ll soon run out of skin!)

The fragrances are definitely wishlist priced (£255 for 85ml), though. And the body creams aren’t exactly a snip, but since this Eau du Jour cream one of the loveliest we’ve ever tried, we had to share. With its South of France-turquoise packaging, it’s super-hydrating and infused with the most gorgeous sunlit fragrance – bright citrus, underpinned by soft woods – that really lasts and lasts on the skin. (You can layer another fragrance over it, but it’s gorgeous just on its own.)

There’s also a sultry Eau de la Nuit body cream, ambery and musky, which you may even prefer – but we’re loving the clinging-onto-summer vibe of Eau du Jour, ourselves. 

Just close your eyes and think of the Mediterranean. It really isn’t hard.

£89 each for 300ml – buy here