Twiggy Hand Cream Trio


Twiggy and skincare actually go back quite a long way: once upon a time, she had her own aromatherapy-inspired range (and our Jo Fairley did a roadshow around the UK with Twiggy, interviewing her in front of excited audiences...) Smells, we know, have always been important to this enduring style icon – and it's no wonder that her debut scent for Marks & Spencer (which debuted there just before Christmas) is really rather lovely: a warm, sensual swirl of amber and rose that we like very much.

We're also love, love, loving these and creams: the perfect 50 ml handbag size – and just ideal for use on-the-go, because they nourish and soften without being sticky or taking ages to sink in. (Lashings of shea and cocoa butter, NB.) And the scent – lovely as it is – is subtle, rather than threatening to overwhelm any perfume you're wearing.

There's a fab Bath Elixir Decanter, too, if you're passing the Twiggy fixture! And all at decidedly January-friendly prices.

Twiggy Hand Cream Trio/£8.50