Trend-watch: customised cosmetics

We live in the age of personalisation.  Our iPod playlists, our wardrobes:  everything is about me, me, me...  And expressing that individuality. So Beauty Bible's interested in this brand, which we had demo-ed to us recently.  Sepai is a European range which recently landed at Selfridges, and which offers the ultimate in 'personalisation'.  There are basic formulas - for face, for body - and in the 'syringes' you'll see above from the Tune It range are the active ingredients, which you inject into the base formula to make it perfect for your skin's individual concerns.

So:  maybe you need extra elasticity.  Lifting.  Line-relaxing.  Radiance.  You add up to three different highly-active, botanically-powered vials (NB they do have rather random numbers instead of names, so a look at the website - - can be helpful:  there's a lot of info there).  Result?  A cream with a permutation that targets your own, individual complexion concerns.

Although actually, as women who are aware of our skin changes on a daily basis, we've always done a bit of this ourselves.  Adding a squirt of facial oil when a regular cleanser doesn't feel quite nourishing enough.  Even tipping a little bit of ivory mineral pigment into a face cream, to add radiance.  Or mixing self-tanner half-and-half with moisturiser, now the days are getting lighter and our pasty faces need a little bit of extra 'glow'.  It's no bad thing to attune to your skin on a daily basis, and ask it what it really needs.

But do check out Sepai.  Because we think it's a beauty trend we'll be seeing more of.


Feature, NewsTania Smith