Treatments We Love: Michaeljohn Cold & Flu Facial


The country seems to have got away pretty lightly in 'flu terms, this year, but have you noticed how suddenly - just as the deluge stops - everyone's going down with colds...? (Probably to do with the fact we're getting out and mingling more.) Just in time, then, is this excellent and unique Cold & Flu Facial from the Spa Team at Michaeljohn. The celebrated West End hairdresser (mecca for many a beauty editor) has a bijoux spa tucked away downstairs, where we recently experienced this chest-clearing, de-puffing facial. (There's a 'medispa', too.)

It would work equally as a pick-me-up facial any time spirits (and face) were flagging, but there's more to it than that. It kicks off with an immune-boosting tea and a multivitamin supplement (first time we've ever knocked back one of those at a facial), before you slip onto a deliciously heated bed, with heated velours boots and a neck pillow adding to the cocooned feeling of toasty warmth.

During the one hour treatment, three 'clearing' oils are breathed: eucalyptus and tea tree, to decongest the sinuses and the nose, and camphoraceous ravensara, known as 'the oil that heals', and excellent for lung and throat infections, as well as supporting the immune system.

Of course the facial features the usual deep cleansing and exfoliation - to banish the skin 'blahs' that have everyone (annoyingly) saying, 'You OK...'?, when you're under par with a cold. There's yet more aromatherapy-infused steam inhalation, followed by delicious warm oils, serums and moisturiser (we find that the area around the nose is particularly fragile and flaky after a cold, and naturally this treatment targets that, too).

One bit that we particularly enjoyed was the strong facial massage.  Puffiness is a common after-effect of a cold or flu, almost certainly linked to the build-up of fluid in the sinuses.  Through long, smooth (and relaxing strokes), facial fluid really did seem to be drained away.

The whole thing is seriously relaxing:  75 minutes, designed to get your back on your feet after a nasty bout with a virus.  Michaeljohn tell us that it's possible to have the treatment while you're mid-virus, but to be honest, we'd recommend waiting till you're back on your feet and in need of something to put back your glow, and banish that bagging.

Ironically, we hadn't had a cold at the time of writing. Now? All bunged up and miserable.

Perfect time to book in again, we think...

Michaeljohn Cold & Flu Facial is priced £85 for an hour and 15 minutes;  call 020-7269 6969 to book. The Michaeljohn Hair Salon, Beauty & Medispa is at 25 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4HU;  for more info, visit