Treatments We Love: Liz Earle Superskin Botanical Lift Facial at Ham Yard Hotel

We couldn't have been more excited at the announcement that Liz Earle and Firmdale Hotels were teaming up to offer signature treatments at the gorgeous Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. It's somewhere you'll very often find us, catching up on all that's new and interesting in our world, since it's now become the 'unofficial HQ' of beauty PRs. A perfect 'marriage' of two British names, this - and Kit Kemp's quirkily eclectic British style makes a wonderful change from all-white minimalism or faux Oriental spa-style, as you can see from the photos of Soholistic Spa, here. But while surroundings certainly count, it's the treatments themselves which are going to keep people returning time after time.

And we will, we will. The creator of the new facial that Jo tried - the Superskin Botanical Lift Facial - is Liz Earle Treatment Ambassador Abigail James, one of London's superfacialists. And oh, what a facial she's come up with: 50 minutes of very hands-on facial massage, intended not only to do the usual deep cleanse/plump up, but actually to firm on tours and banish fine lines. As Jo writes, 'My favourite bit was the "deep cleanse", for which Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask - one of my all-time must-have face masks, which I often use for a two-minute fast-fix - was used. I'd never thought of trying it for cleansing before, but it's just brilliant - and to make things even better, a Foreo Luna facial massage tool was used. (I was so impressed with that, I've ordered one!).'

'Most of the action is focused around deep tissue sculpting techniques, delivering a sort of 'workout' for the face. After 50 minutes, I was really curious to see what the results were, not least because I could feel the lines being "ironed" out of my face. I looked in the mirror and all puffiness and pouchiness around my cheeks and jawline was gone (a problem zone for me), but actually, the real difference was next day: my face looked radiant and yes, actually much firmer.'

A bonus, explains Jo, is knowing that none of the products used is going to cause a reaction. 'Liz Earle Botanically Active Skincare plays a starring role in my daily regime, so I know I'm not sensitive to anything. As someone with touchy skin, I've had facials in the past which have made my face sting or itch to the point where I've had to get up off the couch and call it a day. I could utterly relax, knowing that this featured my regular skincare faves, with their gorgeous textures and scents - but applied with energy and skill that I can't lay claim to myself!

Her final word? 'I am going to move heaven and earth to have this regularly, because it's made more difference to my face than anything I've ever experienced before - not quite a "facelift", but literally the next-best-thing...'

Liz Earle Superskin Botanical Lift Facial is priced £120 for 50 minutes

Soholistic Spa at Ham Yard Hotel/020-3642 1035 or e-mail here