Treatments We Love: Leonor Greyl at Urban Retreat, Harrods


Eurostar's loss is our gain - because a new Leonor Greyl Treatment Room has opened at Urban Retreat on the Fifth Floor at Harrods - saving Jo having to travel to Paris to have her bleached blonde hair repaired. Because yes, this treatment IS worth going all the way to Paris for (as she has done several times - albeit managing to fit in quite a lot of other stuff around her hair repair…) The technique's just the same, on this side of the Channel - click our Institut Leonor Greyl review for what you can expect during the treatment, as it's replicated exactly here. There are different treatment options - Deep Repairing, Volume, Regeneration, among others - and your therapist will prescribe the correct one for your personal hair challenges.

The treatment room itself is just off the busy hair salon, but feels peaceful - and though tiny, not cramped. Beautifully-scented product follows beautifully-scented product, all massaged into head and scalp so that all tension ebbs away. Her favourite bit? The vacuum scalp massage.

At the end, Jo was ushered out into the Urban Retreat Hair Salon for a blow-dry - and unlike in Paris, the stylists here use styling products. (Always a relief, in terms of a style that lasts - although the stylists do an amazing volume-boosting job with combs and brushes alone.)

We're recommending this highly to friends with hair challenges such as frizziness or hair loss - or for those, like Jo, who abuse their hair through pretty drastic colouring.

She figures she has other excuses to visit Paris - but the ability to go regularly to Harrods for this world-class treatment will free up a few hours next time for sitting on a pavement café, watching the world go by.

(Or - just possibly - shopping...?)

Leonor Greyl Luxury Hair Spa Treatments are priced £120 for an hours treatment (plus cost of hairstyling/cut afterwards) at Urban Retreat, 5th Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL/020-7893 8333 to book