Treatments We Love: Decléor Aroma Expert Facial

Just sometimes, we like to 'spread the love' at Beauty Bible and ask a friend - maybe someone who's having a hard or stress-y time - to trial a treatment for us.  And thus we dispatched the wonderful Henrietta Lovell (a.k.a. 'The Rare Tea Lady') for a DECLÉOR facial.  Here's her rapturous report...

'I arrived so overburdened I felt close to a critical fuse blowing and all my power failing.

Shut down.

Which is, of course, impossible. I can't stop. Too many people around the world rely on me making sure; taking care; sorting; solving, securing. I know, as you read this, you know what I mean. Whether we run businesses or families people rely on us to be there. No matter what.  And it's b****y exhausting.

So I arrived at the spa with a phone clamped to my ear, trying desperately to disengage.  And even if I could turn my phone off could I turn my frantic mind down just a little?

I'm not very good at doing nothing. Lying under warm blankets with a hot water bottle at my feet I started to wonder - as I do when I go for a manicure - how long before I would be able to check my phone.

And then I forgot.

I passed into another world. First the blissful scents. Then the  gentle kindness of the therapist started to unwind the tight spring in my tummy. I realised I was in safe hands.

If you've ever parascended or jumped out of an aeroplane strapped to an instructor you'll know what I mean. You have to trust. And the best of the instructors put you immediately at your ease. It's okay. They know exactly what they are doing. Cool, calm confidence. It's not an act or a performance. They just know exactly what they are doing.

I let go. In the hands of this wonderful woman I didn't have to keep the thinnest shred of control. I felt in her hands the superb confidence that comes with great expertise.

Of course the Decléor potions are marvellous. You know that. And that's why I was there.  They smell divine. Nothing smells better. In my experience, no other brand understands the olfactory sensory experience quiet as well.

The heady aromas and the gentle but expert touch of the therapist allowed me to drift. In the extreme luxury of a safe pair of hands - I didn't have to ponder the experience - anaylise or evaluate. I didnt have to wonder if this or that was right or  could be done better. Everything was exactly as it should be. I even stopped thinking about sea containers and irate chefs. I stopped worrying about what had happened and what would happen and even what was happening. I just lay there happily.

I can't remember any of the details it was that good.  I can tell only tell you that the therapist never left my side and every moment was blissful.

And I left elated.'

What can we add?  Except some booking details, below…!

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