Treatments We Love: Clarins BeautyBAR


The scene: Oxford Street, London. The situation: dedicated shopper wonders if she can make it through the day… The solution: Clarins BeautyBAR in John Lewis (ground floor thank heavens…, in a quiet area off the main Clarins section). Well, it’s not just shoppers but everyone who can benefit from Clarins brilliant new concept: turbo-charged, beauty boosting, mind and muscle altering treatments in double quick time. ‘Give us just 40 minutes – ten minutes consultation and 30 minutes for the treatment,’ they say, ‘and we’ll do everything from fight fatigue to blitz blemishes via delivering a golden glow.’ How clever is that?! (Trust us: in a time-pressed world, express treatments are the coming thing.)

We were devoted fans of Clarins before and now, well, the same but more so. On a day when Sarah had to start early, was under a stress cloud (house buying not work…) and had the achiest neck and shoulders, she booked in to Clarins BeautyBAR for a DeStress Express.

The form is this: you tell the therapist which two trouble zones crave attention (choose from hands, scalp, neck and shoulders or face and eyes) then just lean back in the super-comfy chair, close your eyes and let the world and its pressures be melted away with a deep massage.

At the end, you can have a little bit of make-up delicately and expertly applied so you bounce out of there, re-perkified and raring to take on anything, even Oxford Street at rush hour.

There are six options to choose from, each a very good value £25: as well as DeStress Express, there is Knot a Problem for neck and shoulder muscles, SOS Facial for transforming a complexion crisis into happy skin, Get Glowing, self-tan facial for fatigued faces, Revital Eyes for lacklustre peepers, and Skin Care Work Out, a boot camp for your complexion with advice and treatment. And all of them using Clarins now-legendary products, which combine utmost luxury with super-effectiveness.

As we said, simply genius.

Clarins BeautyBAR To book call 0203-073 0649 or online at