Treatments We Love: Pure Massage Face Therapy session with Beata Aleksandrowicz


Sarah Stacey reports on a Pure Massage Face Therapy session with Beata Aleksandrowicz I love facial massage and have had several wonderful experiences with skilled therapists over the years. Beata Aleksandrowicz, who began massage therapy in the mid 1990s, is rather different. Skilled and experienced without doubt –but also she offers more.

It is, she emphasises, not about pampering or pummelling (though spoiling it can be) but about the healing power of touch. Touch, she says, is the first sense to develop and of course the sense of touch remains with us to the end of our lives.

As part of her research, Beata visited the Kalahari bushmen in southern Namibia. The insights they gave her on silent communication through touch are a mainstay of her Pure Massage therapy. There is something rather wonderful about reflecting on the influence of that ancient culture as you lie on a comfy massage couch in a treatment room on the third floor of Fenwick of Bond Street.

Every treatment is bespoke to the individual client. My particular concern is my very slightly lopsided face, due to an accident six years ago where my temporomandibular joint (TMJ) was fractured. At the time, my face was black and blue and it was difficult to speak, impossible to sing. Regular exercises and manipulation (both given to me by wonderful chiropractor Dominic Cheetham of Sloane Square Chiropractors) helped hugely – although the one where I had to chew gum on one side did make me feel like something out of TOWIE.

Beata used specific techniques to relax the muscles on the affected side and I could see the improvement. She also worked her magic on the rest of my face and parts of my body, particularly my neck and shoulders, with some foot TLC too.

Beata suggested I come back for a course of treatment, both for my face and for other injuries sustained by my horse-riding body over the years. She assured me it would help support my body and mind as the years go by. I completely believe her.

For more information and to book with Beata or one of her trained therapists, 9070.

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