Treatments We Love: Abigail James


Phew. Only took about three years or so for us to schedule a facial with Liz Earle Treatment Ambassador, the facialist who’s been working with one of our all-time favourite skincare lines since 2013. And do you want to know how hard we’re kicking ourselves...? Highly in-demand (and now we really understand why), Abigail works out of the Liz Earle Flagship Store on Sloane Square – where they’ve actually let her design her own space, rather than going with the usual Liz Earle look. It’s still soothing, restful, in shades of beige and taupe (and with an absolutely gorgeous mirror on the wall), but Abigail’s made it her own.

(Most importantly, though – bearing in mind eyes are shut for most of the treatment – the treatment couch is is one of the comfiest we’ve sunk into, with the sheets seemingly a gazillion thread-count.)

As with many of the truly world-class therapists we’ve had the privilege of enjoying treatments with, Abigail is highly trained in many different areas, bringing elements of facial reflexology, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy to her treatments. In other words, alongside the products, there’s a lot of hands-on work (which is what we truly, truly want from a facial, frankly – rather than endless application and removal of products which later feature on a long ‘shopping list’ of recommendations).

Notwithstanding her role as Liz Earle Treatment Ambassador, Abigail’s free to pick and choose from any range she likes to create the perfect bespoke facial for each client. But what truly appealed about this treatment for us was the precise point that we could enjoy many of the same products we already use at home – knowing them to be effective, enjoying the textures and aromas as well as the results, and with the reassurance that there wouldn’t be any unexpected reactions.

We’d love to tell you what happened. A great, two-step cleanse – kicking off with Cleanse & Polish but followed by a deep cleanse with the Brightening Treatment Mask, which works brilliantly for this – a tip we’ve now introduced a couple of times a week at home, with great results.

Lots and lots and lots of massage – particularly around the jaw, where so much tension is held...

Some really soothing sounds...

But to be honest, the rest’s a bit of a blur – the highest compliment we can pay to a therapist, because instead of remaining in ‘detached observer mode’, Abigail lulled us into a state of pure bliss. 90 minutes passed in a flash, frankly – and the proof of the pudding was not just a restored sense of calm and a glowing radiance, but several comments from friends who wanted to know: ‘Have you been on holiday?’ (Answer: no!)

So a facial like this is never going to be cheap – but if you can wangle your way onto Abigail’s waiting list, do. Only challenge? You might have to wrestle US for a place in the queue.

Abigail James at Liz Earle Flagship Store, 38-39 Duke of York Square, London SW3 4LY/020-7881 7550