Top hair tips from Aquis


However luxuriant your hair, the fact is that as the years go by it will almost certainly get thinner and more fragile. And your mop is at its most vulnerable when it’s sopping wet after washing. We’re big fans of Aquis, the ‘smart’ towel, that absorbs moisture without you having to rub-a-dub-a-dub, breaking strands of hair as you do so. In fact, we have a fab prize draw for five Aquis towels that you can enter now if you click here.

We love that Aquis’ new cover girl is 60-year old Scottish model Gillean McLeod, who started her modelling career aged 53. Gillean is often asked how she manages to have such great hair. For her, the answer’s simple: no colour, no product apart from coconut oil and most importantly no blow drying.

Well, we can’t claim to follow Gillean’s first two solutions – we do both colour our hair and we do use all sorts of hair care – but we absolutely agree about keeping blow-drying to a minimum. So here are our favourite tips from Aquis.

Towel dry hair – with Aquis – to reduce damage to hair follicles. Hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet because the hair proteins (keratins) absorb the water, the fibres swell and stretch – then break. Towelling your hair dry as soon as possible helps prevent that.

Use a blow dryer only when hair is damp – not wet. Rubbing hair with your bath towel then using heat on wet hair are key causes of damage.

Help prevent frizzies and keep your hair glossy. Drying wet hair with a rough towel causes the hair cuticles to rub together, causing damage and triggering the dreaded frizzies. Wrapping your hair up in an Aquis (just the right size by the way) helps keep cuticles smooth, so your hair looks glossy and shiny.


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