This Works Perfect Legs Sculpt & Shine


If you spend much time reading blogs, you’ll know that ‘strobing’ is a buzzword right now: the clever use of light and shade to make skin look its radiant best. This taps right into that trend – for body skin. Now, we have it on fairly good authority that the late Princess of Wales – a gazelle-limbed beauty, if ever there was one – used to lengthen the appearance of her legs by smoothing a shimmer the length of her shins. This is designed to do exactly that (and add a touch of gleam to shoulders, forearms, too).

It’s also moisturising in its own right, with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and algae extract, which – along with the light-diffusing powders and natural caramel – deliver a glossy and realistic sheen. (You dispense via a flat roll-on, then blend with fingers.) There’s also a lovely, This Works-ish aromatherapy scent (although we don’t imaging you spend much time sniffing your shins, except possibly in a yogic forward bend).

This is probably never going to make it onto anyone’s list of ‘beauty essentials’– but it nevertheless does what it says on the rollerball.

This Works Perfect Legs Sculpt & Shine/£28 for 60ml at