This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan

At Beauty Bible we're already B-I-G fans of This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle:  a smooth bronzing serum for legs which has for the past couple of years been a godsend in springtime, when soaring temperatures can send us scurrying to the nearest loo to remove our tights - only to reveal legs the colour of unbaked pastry.  Never a good look.  (See also Tuesday's blog posting, about Spray de Solé.) Immediately it launched, in fact, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (from Vogue beauty guru Kathy Phillips) became our universal quick-fix for pale legs because it smooths on in the blink of an eye creating a gorgeous tanned finish:  no streaking, and none of the biscuit tin/hamster cage aroma still so common to fake tannery.

Now along comes Perfect Legs Gradual Tan, which does indeed have a touch of self-tanner in the serum formula.  It still delivers the instant bronzitude of the original, but s-l-o-w-l-y, a sun-kissed glow appears which won't wash off again.  Simply top up as required, when you've reached the desired shade.  It contains natural-source DHA and erythulose (a sugar-derived tanning agent), plus vits C and E. (No Hobnobby hints as this develops, however.)

So when that fleeting, premature summer returns again, we're completely ready to throw Wolfords to the wind...

UK:£38 for 120 ml - click here US:   click here to find it on This Works US site/$70 for 4 fl oz