The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Manicure Purse


If you love your nails - or would like to give them more TLC - this is a great find. For just a tenner, here's a little purse which opens up to reveal everything you need for beautifully groomed nails - except for nourishing oil and polish. However, this is the toolkit taken care of: nail scissors, clippers, gentle-but effective two-sided file. There's even a metal cuticle-pusher - or whatever the technical term is (though since this is also made of metal, go very lightly, won't you...?)

It comes in the cutest little click-to-close kit, smaller than a change purse, for slipping into a handbag.

So if we catch you with raggedy cuticles and snagged nails after this, there's no telling what we'll do to you.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Manicure Purse/£10 at