The ultimate personalised perfume

We’ve seen (and smelled) it all, now. Really and truly.

Jo spent last last weekend at Pitti Fraganze, the big niche perfumery show in Florence (you really should go sometime:  it’s open to the public for just 10 euros on the Saturday and Sunday – and who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Florence…?)  There were so many sublime brands there:  the booming interest in perfume has inspired fabulous fragrances, fascinating creative processses – and a few things that will blow your mind, never mind your nostrils.

For instance, this.  Jo’s still not quite sure if this is a practical joke, or a real fragrance (though the essence itself does smell quite fantastic).  It’s all-natural, a swirl of sensual soft oriental notes, very wearable indeed.  But Peety is a perfume with a difference.

PEETY_2Its creator, Angelo Orazio Pregoni (this is him in the promo photo) creates bespoke scents for individuals.  But Angelo felt (so we’re told) that there was a market for a scent that everyone could personalise.


Yes, you read that right.  The ‘Samurai warrior’ bottle has, as you’ll see, a black cap - into which you pee.  It holds the exact amount of wee to top up the bottle, and hey, presto!  Something that’s entirely exclusive to you.  Note:  drop-of-widdle logo.

Have to say, Jo stood there jaws a-kimbo – and like we say, still isn’t sure if it’s a poke at an industry which likes to weave somewhat floral stories around its fragrances.  (Clue:  the name, Peety, is how you pronounce the name of the show…  Hmmm.)

Alas, we’re not sure we’ll ever be able to find out what Jo’s own Peety would smell like, once she’d ‘customised’ it.  They only had a teeny little vial to give her – and her aim’s just not that great…!

Allegedly, Peety goes on sale this Saturday at (we’ll be checking back), should you want to get your hands on this.

(Though be sure to wash them afterwards, like a good girl?)