The science of beauty (explained)

The closest most of us have got to understanding the technology behind products is watching the end of a L'Oréal ad, in which the supermodel 'face' always used to say straight to the camera: 'And now for the science bit…' Only, of course, there's really a limit to how far the science can be explored in 5 seconds at the end of a shampoo commercial.

So we thought we'd share with you a site we've stumbled across on our travels through cyberspace:  Joanne Loves Science.  Gosh, if we'd had Joanne for a science teacher, we might have paid more attention in class:  she makes it interesting, clear and watchable.

We won't go into great depth here (we'll leave that to Joanne!), but she looks at how products are made - The Chemistry of Mascara, why hair shine and volume have to be mutually exclusive, how creams can feel 'cooling' on the skin - and more.  Click here for the page on Joanne's website which explores beauty...

It may be too late for your GCSE Chemistry - but hey, never too late to learn SOMETHING…!