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Beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell, founder of Heaven skincare and favourite facialist of the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge, is a fount of skin wisdom. DEBORAH_MITCHELLHer advice is based on decades of hands-on experience. Take open pores, a common question to Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic: ‘They’re caused by dehydration, especially if you’ve been drinking too much alcohol,’ she reveals.

‘Dehydration causes a crunchy layer on the skin, which stops the natural oils getting out,’ she explains. Your pores are saying “give me water”, so you need to rehydrate inside by sipping lots of still water and herbal teas, and outside with the right product. Don’t use a greasy cleanser – you need something light but effective to remove the debris and pollutants, but also hydrating, too. My Hydro Cleansing Milk does both and also contains antibacterial extract of rosemary and lavender water to gently heal the skin.’

Heaven Hydro CleanserTo combat unwanted rosy cheeks, Deborah suggests rosewater with witch hazel. ‘Rosewater helps shrink the blood vessels and witch hazel contains astringent tannins that help tighten them,’ she explains. She advises choosing an alcohol-free product, possibly combined with aloe vera. (Or try making it yourself – I found a recipe at

In winter, entering centrally heated rooms after chilly winds outside can stimulate the increase of damaging microbes on the skin, and warming up with hot milky drinks may exacerbate eczema-type problems: ‘Try lemon and honey with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper instead,’ Deborah suggests. Microbes can cause what she calls ‘rustiness’, such as dry patches, uneven skin texture and inflamed tissue round your eyes. Again, avoid greasy creams: you need something to gobble up the microbes, which, fascinatingly, is just what Abeetoxin, Deborah’s patented bee venom compound, does.

Heaven Bee Venom MaskAs well as working as a microbe scavenger, Deborah says her Bee Venom Mask is ‘Nature’s face-lift’. Use it as a mask or on top of moisturiser for dewy skin (apparently the Duchess of Cambridge used it on her wedding day). Deborah has now added Bee Venom Eyes to her range for firming and tightening.



Macmillan Cancer Support is inviting us all to raise funds for this wonderful charity by becoming 'sober-heroes' and giving up alcohol for October. As well as feeling and looking good by creating a team and getting sponsorship. All the details, including a mixologist's recipes for Macmillan mocktails  - I like Watermelon Wonder - are on the website.

PS Don't worry that you are starting a few days late, just continue your booze-free month into November.



Nobody loves dealing with them. But these  tackling the 'nit' problem effectively...

Vosene ShampooVosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo (£2.54 for 250 ml) and Defence Spray (£2.54 for 150 ml) available nationwide. The medicated shampoo contains tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus to help keep head lice at bay. Use with the clinically proven Defence Spray, which contains eucalyptus, citronella and rosemary oils. Visit to see outbreak hotspots.

Picksan SprayPicksan Lice Stop Shampoo (£7.95 for 100 ml) and No Lice Preventative Spray (£7.95 for 100 ml), from With natural ingredients including neem seed extract, this combination has been shown to remove 94 per cent of lice in three hours. Repeat use after ten days to remove eggs that may hatch after the first application.