The MAC is Beauty Collection makes us smile...

Sometimes, an image in our inbox so striking that we just have to share - and so it is, with the new MAC Is Beauty collection of make-up (some of it limited edition). We're not suggesting that you truly make yourself look like this - although as MAC say, 'What's wrong with being a little high-maintenance...?'

We simply wanted you to enjoy the photos for this new collection, as we have - think of them as a 'tea break for the eyes' - and perhaps use them as inspiration to nip to your nearest MAC counter and check out the perfectly polished shades, with names like 'Diva-ish', 'Notice Me', 'Call The Hairdresser', 'Deliciously Rich' and 'Make Me Gorgeous'.

There is, after all, little that cheers us up like a new lipstick, nail polish or long-wear eyeshadow as an instant 'makeover' for the beauty kit.

Although pictures like this make us smile, too...

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