Prepare to be inspired by Selfridges

As if Selfridges wasn't imaginative enough, they've organised a wonderfully thought-provoking, mind-opening Festival of Imagination - starting this Saturday (18th January) and running to 22nd February. More popular than ever since the Mr. Selfridge TV series (we admit:  we've been glued), Selfridges is to become 'a portal into the creative mind', exploring the power of imagination to drive the process of innovation and inform the shape of our future.  'Open your mind.  Be ready to explore.  Let the festivities begin.'  We can't wait.

A particularly interesting event we're hoping to get to is Cathy Haynes's 'Eureka! Moments', run in tandem with the fantastic School of Life. (What a combo!  School of Life and Selfridges!) As they explain, 'Einstein said we’re all born geniuses. So why do we still let ourselves be inhibited by that old myth that creativity is a rare gift? How can we reclaim our creative potential?

Feed your inspiration and unravel your blocks on an experimental journey through the creative process. This workshop is devised to help us gain practical techniques for improving our creativity through experiment and discussion.

We’ll discover how to boost our creative confidence; exploring why daydreaming and boredom are vital for creativity. We'll visit the mysterious, darker parts of the creative process, learning how to navigate failure better and build our community of supporters. Throughout we’ll examine ancient and modern wisdom on how to improve our own creative thinking styles and handle challenges and blocks better.'  Can't think of a more productive way to spend a Saturday (even more uplifting than shoe-shopping, we reckon.)

Tickets are £25 and for more info, click here for The School of Life's booking page.  And for more info about the Festival of Imagination, visit or click here.