Open the door to Dior...

A-Dior-able.  That's our verdict on Dior's divine new Covent Garden Boutique.  (It must be the Apple effect:  first Apple, then Chanel, then Miller Harris, now Dior. Where will it end, darlings?) Bringing together all the delights of the Dior beauty universe - skincare, make-up, and oh, those delicious fragrances - it's naturally dead chic.  We love the 150 Miss Dior bottles shaped into - well, one big one. We love the hot pink. (Well, we would:  we're Beauty Bible.) We love the menu of services and 'seasonal events':  make-up coaching, a make-up party, nail art, skincare masterclasses:  it's all there.

Like playschool, for grown-up girls.  We know you'll love it.

The Dior Beauty Boutique, Unit 4, The Market, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9RA/020-7563 6343

Dior Covent Garden 3