Temple Spa Ta-Dah Party Dress for Skin


You've got to love the box. (We'll be keeping treasures in ours!) But most of all, you've got to love this product, which sort of has us thinking 'party frocks' (even if we're currently encased in opaques and vests.

From the wonderful (and often underrated, we think) Temple Spa range, this is a serum-style skin treat with a gloriously named 'bling-prism technology' (!), which you basically smooth into any bits exposed by your party frock. It dries to a powder finish, and is 'layerable' - so you can basically go as bling as you fancy. (We're more the one-coat, sheer-gleam types ourselves.)

And it even smells gorgeous, too: little whispers of rose, sandalwood and jasmine - the perfect 'undercoat' to a favourite fragrance.

Temple Spa Ta-Dah Party Dress for Skin at www.victoriahealth.com/£32 for 75ml