Temple Spa Skin Truffle Body Truffle


Here's the thing about being a beauty editor: with so many products landing on our desk, we occasionally need reminding of old favourites. Happily, the lovely people at Temple Spa just did that recently, via an 'open day' at which they displayed all their hero products, while introducing us to something Top Secret (and fabulous) which you'll have to watch this space for.

It reminded us of how amazingly the original (and fabulous) Skin Truffle did in our anti-ageing trials: the highest-scoring 'miracle treatment' we've ever tested. (Or to be precise, you've ever tested.)

But it also introduced us to a product which somehow had never before penetrated our consciousness: the utterly luscious, heaven-to-apply, instantly-skin-improving, luxurious, indulgent, gorgeously-scented Temple Spa Body Truffle. (We could go on with the superlatives.)

Sure, this is a major indulgence (notwithstanding the generous size of jar) – but this reflects the luxe ingredients, which include black summer truffles, cashmere, rose quartz, Champagne, silk and gold. (Which leaves a stunning slightly shimmering finish that improves the look of skin from first application.)

A tub is now sitting on our bedside table for before-bedtime slathering. Long-term, we're expecting real skin improvements from this heaven-to-use, whipped-buttery cream – but in the short term? Just because something's not brand new, doesn't mean it isn't worth discovering.

Temple Spa Skin Truffle Body Truffle/£60 for 150 ml at www.victoriahealth.com