Weleda Beauty Balm Tinted Day Cream


Let’s get one thing clear: tinted moisturisers generally just aren’t THAT moisturising. We almost always layer ours over a ‘dedicated’ moisturiser (or in summer, a nourishing SPF). So unless you’ve got super-oily skin, don’t expect this to deliver a ton of moisture.

Having said that, we’re loving this. It’s very sheer – don’t expect a lot of coverage. But it’s great for evening out skintone when you don’t want to wear full foundation (and right now that’s sort of the equivalent of wearing tights on a baking day, we find). Two shades: Bronze (which isn’t THAT dark) and Nude, for paler skins.

It promises five things: a subtle effect (tick); matte effect (none of that sweaty shine, here); refines appearance of skin (seems to do that well); strengthens skin’s natural protective function (not clear how it does that), and lastly, the moisturisation (see above).

Leaving that aside, this is a great find, though, and from a much-loved certified natural name. In fact, we’re delighted to see a new natural tinted moisturiser out there; there aren’t as many as you might expect (and this is definitely at the more affordable end of the price spectrum.

£18.95 for 30 ml – buy here