Tara Smith haircare

Bird-phobics, click away now. Packaging junkies:  stay right here and feast your eyes on this.

We predict that Tara Smith's haircare - which just landed in M&S Your Beauty - will be ruffling a few feathers in the hairdressing world, proving that it's possible to get great results without resorting to harsh detergents or synthetic chemicals.  It's vegan, and - as superstylist Tara explains - 'is tested on film stars, not on animals'.

Featuring some of the most stop-you-in-your-tracks designs that we've ever seen gracing a haircare bottle, this is a capsule collection which targets specific hair issues:  frizz and wayward curls (the Working Curls range), dull hair (Shine On), sensitive scalps (Gorgeously Gentle) and flat or thin hair (Feed the Root).  There's a small selection of stying products, too:  Shining Moment Glosser (featured here), Rock Hard Hold Gel, and what Tara describes as a 'Base Coat Serum', which is a bit like a primer for hair:  it 'preps' hair for other styling products, or (used on its own) simply smooths the hair shaft with lightweight borage oil, for gloss and manageability.

An exciting addition to the natural haircare world that's worth tweeting about, we'd say.

Or maybe squawking.




UK readers find Tara Smith at www.marksandspencer.com/£5 - 14 - buy here