Ta-da! We've got a new look

… and we hope you love it. We’ve also made it much, much easier to find your way around and enjoy all our regulars: find out what We Love…, catch up with Sarah’s Health Notes, find answers to hundreds and hundreds of beauty problems in Q&A, take advantage of your ‘insider discounts’ – and of course, enter all the exclusive competitions we’re famous for. We’ve a hand-picked selection of instructive videos – and the contents of our first book. And a tip of the day, too!  All really, really easy to explore. Plus: state-of-the-art techie wizardry means that we can literally post beauty news when we’re at launches or doing interviews with industry gurus - from our iPhones. You’ll be able to read much more ‘breaking news’ from Beauty Bible.

So: watch this space. Often…!