Award-winning Facial Suncare

You know the mantra, never skip on the sun preps to protect against skin cancers and ageing – and remember that fake tans do not give you any protection at all. For tips on how to enjoy the sun safely, visit L'occitane Immortelle SPF25L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Protection SPF20

From the range featuring organically certified oil and cell extracts from the Corsican immortelle shrub, rumoured to have been the beauty secret of Princess Nausicaa, hailed as a goddess by Odysseus in the Odyssey. L’Occitane claim that as well as protecting your complexion from the sun, the contents of this luxurious jar will, over time, stimulate collagen production, help to fill in deep wrinkles and give firmer smoother skin.

Comments: ‘I loved this product – absorbed instantly and made my skin look beautifully matte, felt very comfortable, and even slightly tighter – could be my imagination but it seemed to help slackening' • ‘very effective on my incredibly dry skin; disappeared with no white ‘cast’ leaving skin soft and smooth' • ‘left a slight dewy sheen on my skin, which I loved' • ‘really like this moisturising sun cream, which left a lovely radiance – and not heavy or claggy at all'.

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Protection SPF20/£45 for 50 ml - buy here


Estee Lauder Bronze GoddessEstée Lauder Bronze Goddess Sunscreen SPF30 Sun Indulgence Lotion for Face

This rich-textured cream wafts a scent of summer - amber and coconut cream plus vetiver, myrrh and sandalwood – as it helps you tan safely with broad spectrum protection against UVA and B.

Comments: ‘Performed beautifully on my fair sensitive prone-to-burning skin in a range of climatic conditions; delivered great hydration without overloading the skin, which is especially fabulous when it’s hot and humid' • ‘lovely cream which sank in perfectly and made my skin feel very soft and not shiny at all' • ‘works brilliantly to stabilise my 40 something complexion when conditions – or hormones – are making it hot and flushed' • ‘liked the matte finish with the subtlest of sheens'.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Sunscreen SPF30 Sun Indulgence Lotion for Face/£23 for 50 ml - buy here


Boots Soltan FaceBoots Soltan Once Face Moisturising Suncare Cream SPF30

This budget sun prep offers up to eight hours sun protection, which pleased testers who wanted to wear it under foundation. You only need to reapply it after spending more than 40 minutes in water, or if you are outside in the sun for longer than eight hours.

Comments: ‘I really liked this sunscreen which was surprising light for the high protection – some are so thick and heavy they make my skin break out' • ‘cream looks white and shiny but absorbed beautifully, skin looked very moisturised, healthy and had a nice sheen' • ‘a pea-sized amount of this nice plumping moisturising sunscreen covers the face easily – absorbed well so make-up glided on' • ‘the eight hour protection makes it great for city breaks in hot countries as you can top up your make-up without worrying about the sunscreen' • 'slightly greasy at the start but sank into my combination skin really well after about ten minutes – so I waited before applying foundation'.

Boots Soltan Once Face Moisturising Suncare Cream SPF30/£5.50 for 50 ml - buy here




Medik8 Physical SunscreenMedik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF30

The brand Medik8 is known for serious skincare, particularly its anti-pigmentation products and this formulation for faces, neck and décolleté claims to protect against UV, heal and soothe the skin and also reduce the appearance of dark spots or patches. It contains no chemical sunscreens so should suit sensitive complexions. The main physical barrier is zinc oxide with some titanium dioxide plus antioxidants and botanicals to defend against free radical damage.

Comments: ‘This is going to be my new best friend, with its broad spectrum protection, natural ingredients and it made my skin look luminous and well moisturised' • ‘Impressive! I could really see the difference between the side of my face I used it on and the other' • ‘For such a high SPF, it was very comfortable to wear, skin felt velvety and hydrated until the end of the day' • ‘Lovely sunscreen, really gentle and sinks in very easily with no residue' • ‘I really enjoyed using this, feels more like a primer with SPF than a regular sunscreen, will definitely continue.

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF30/£33.50 for 90 ml - buy here


Ultrasun SPF30Ultrasun Family 30 Super Sensitive All Day Protection

The whole Ultrasun range offers all-day protection with one application and is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume. This product is especially formulated for very sensitive and children’s skins, also helping to prevent prickly heat and good for protecting vulnerable areas such as noses, necks and shoulders.

Comments: ‘Top marks for lovely light consistency and quick absorption with no chalky residue; perfect for kids' • ‘Brilliant! This was a blessing as I didn't experience my usual prickly heat on chest and back (despite the alcohol listed which I had thought would increase the risk)' • ‘some really good points for this product: once a day application is convenient and fits in with busy lives; easy to apply, no reactions with my skin, no smell I didn't like, high factor and good dispenser, which kept the bottle clean.' ‘this product is really effective all day; I have used it in Florida with no sunburn on my fair skin.'

Ultrasun Family 30 Super Sensitive All Day Protection/£25 for 150 ml - buy here