Sukin Energising Body Scrub


What really makes this live up to its ‘energising’ promise is the ground coffee beans in the formula – a delicious Java jolt for the senses, and also perfect for smoothing skin. Jo discovered this at the Natural & Organic Products Expo 2017 a month or two ago, but has only just started using it. (We do have to say: that’s partly because the foil seal was so firmly applied that it eventually required surgical removal with tweezers. However, since this was almost certainly a pre-production sample, don’t let that put you off. And if not? Sukin, take note.)

Sukin is a brand created by a Melbourne family ‘on a mission to provide high quality, affordable and effective natural skin and hair care’. They’ve become huge Down Under and are making inroads into the natural beauty world here. We're not surprised: everything we’ve trialled has pretty much ticked our boxes – and if you’re heading holiday-wards, you’d do well to make this part of your pre-holiday prepping.

The base is rich, so it leaves skin nourished with a blend of sesame, jojoba, coconut and aloe vera, with added vitamin E and rosehip.

We always add a caveat with this kind of scrub: ground coconut shell features alongside the coffee grains – which means grit in the bath. Either use at the very end of your soak (to avoid a gritty bottom), or use this in the shower.

But please don’t blame us if the irresistible smell has you heading straight from the shower to your coffee machine, dripping all the way.

Sukin Energising Body Scrub/£11.95 for 200 ml at