Su-Man Refining Facial Polish


Let's get one thing clear: we are very, very careful with exfoliators. Over the years, personally, only a handful have proved gentle enough for us to want to use more than once. We welcome this to that line-up – from one of London's leading facialists. (Jo's face has literally never looked perkier than when Su-Man's magic fingers have prodded, poked and massaged it – at times, painfully! – into good order. Find her at W's AWAY Spa – or her website's here.)

This innocent-looking pink exfoliator doesn't at first touch seem like it would do much – there are certainly no obvious 'particles'. But applied to skin, it somehow transforms into a lightweight gel which, as you buff into skin for one minute, clearly starts to slough away skin. Yup, those 'bits' on the surface are dead skin cells, ready to be swooshed away with a muslin cloth or a gentle flannel.

The key exfoliating elements are actually vitamin-rich enzymes – notably from watermelon – while ginkgo biloba also features. It's designed to be used two to three times a week – and we've been doing that, to amazing effect.

The future's bright. The future's – well, pale pink, actually...

Su-Man Refining Facial Polish/£38 for 125 ml at