Su-Man Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream


This is just a fantastic luxury cream. (Yes, at a luxury price.) But actually, the 50 ml jar lasts for aeons. And crucially, it's been created by one of the most extraordinary facialists whose magic hands we've ever submitted to: the iron-fingered Su-Man. (Her treatments are just this side of torture – but the benefits are quite phenomenal.)

There are plenty of natural skin wonders in there (rosehip oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid) – and some high-tech peptides and other de-agers, too. But what ensures you'll see some pretty instant 'lifting' and radiance-boosting effects is the application technique – which, if you click here to the Cult Beauty site, you can watch in her short black-and-white video. Darned effective it is, too: not quite up there with a facial from the woman herself, but if you follow it religiously you're going to see a difference.

We wrote this review of Su-Man's facials on our (now-defunct) Beauty Bible Loves blog – so we thought we'd better move it here...

‘A life-changing experience.’  That's how Anne Hathaway put it.

‘Pilates for the face:  very lucky is the person who can experience a treatment in her hands.’  So said Joely Richardson.

‘She does these facials that keep your face alive, so it doesn’t fall down dead!’  And that, you might like to know, was Juliette Binoche.

To this roll-call of rave reviews for facialist and holistically-trained therapist Su-Man Hsu, Beauty Bible would like to add our own:  ‘This woman is the real deal.  A truly outstanding, face-waking treatment in which her hands do all the talking, through firming, massaging, contour-lifting strokes. We wafted out of Su-Man’s studio – a retreat at the bottom of her North London garden – and simply glowed.’

Su-Man's now also offering facials at London's Away Spa at the W Leicester Square Hotel/020-7758 1071.

But if you can't get to see her? Follow the application instructions. Preferably using this wondercream.

Su-Man Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream/£95 for 50ml at