St. Tropez Golden Girls Set


For the party-lover in your life… Or to prep you for that office ‘do’… A great collaboration between the leading self-tanning name and the equally notable Nails Inc. Individually, these are great products. The Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil is a quick-fix for pallid limbs (and comes with an applicator mitt): lightly citrus-scented, it glides on for a whisper of instant colour that’s perfect for the time of year, developing a little more not-too-obvious-but-still-sun-kissed depth in a couple of hours.

It’s accompanied by the blingiest of nail polishes, called Chelsea Embankment, with gilded glitter a-go-go. (The value of the kit’s £44, by the way, making the price tag quite a steal.)

But what we really love is the bag – which we’ll be toting around long after the Christmas tree’s gone for recycling.

St. Tropez Golden Girls Set/£25 at