Spray di Solé Sun Gelée

It was with the very, very greatest fear and trepidation that we tried Spray di Solé Sun Gelée. It's all very well knowing that this bronzer/self-tanner is 'taking Hollywood by storm'.  But on this side of the pond, in April, it's going to be used on skin which basically looks like it's spent winter under a stone.  Serious room for error, here.

At first pump this looks scarily like Camp Coffee (remember that stuff...?).  The thin, tan-tinted liquid's also reminiscent of Guerlain's long-lost Teint Créole, which was for years Beauty Bible's go-to leg tint.  (Very first we ever used, actually.)

The secret weapon, here, is the kabuki brush.  We'd never have thought of putting on a face tint/self-tanner with a kabuki brush - but this one's synthetic and if you squirt one or two pumps into the bristles, that's all that's needed for an immediate glow, and longer-term tanning.  Through the swirling action, it blends amazingly into skin for flawless results (not a word we use lightly) - and because it's tinted, you can see exactly where it goes.  It features hyaluronic acid so it feels comfy on skin, and make-up goes on easily, on top.

So far, so good.  So far, so nail-biting, nonetheless, because exactly how dark would it go, after eight hours' development...?  The answer is:  perfectly, lightly sun-kissed.  Jo tried it before the weekend and has ever since had people telling her how well she looks, and 'is that a Hastings tan...?'  Which it is.  (Hastings being the sunniest spot in Britain.)  A total cheat, however, acquired in her bathroom, where frequent top-ups will be applied during the summer season.

The how-to video on Spray de Solé's site here suggests it can be used to cover up tan lines, too.  Good wheeze.  And if you're a real wuss, there's a Liquid Bronzer version that washes right off again.

UK readers click here to find Spray di Solé Sun Gelée at www.victoriahealth.com/£42 for 15 ml (including brush) NB  To take advantage of a special discount at VH, click here for our site, then click through to VH.  Takes a few clicks but worth it to save £2.10, no...? US readers find it here/$49