Spas We Love: Annee de Mamiel

Our treatment with the extraordinary Annee de Mamiel presents us with something of a conundrum:  we really need a new section called 'Therapists We Love...' - because while the cosy beauty rooms at Fortnum & Mason are perfectly lovely, it is this gifted therapist we'd walk on hot coals for a treatment with. Annee offers seasonal treatments which are totally tailored to the client - and the season.  So Jo went along to experience a 'Summer' treatment - or 'Seasonal Attunement', as she puts it:  a 90-minute treatment that includes facial/body acupuncture, sound therapy, a little massage and more, and incorporates Annee's seasonal oil blends (she brings these out every three months).

As with so many therapists who are truly exceptional, Annee basically followed a 'calling'.  She suffered a major health crisis in 1998, and as a result began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, integrating this with an understanding of Western science.  She believes in creating harmony and balance in the body - and that, in turn, shows on the face.  You might think you're getting a facial;  in fact, your entire system's having a fabulous tune-up.

We wish we could tell you exactly what happened during the treatment, but frankly, this review is going to be entirely and unashamedly useless on that front.  Which actually says everything.  As beauty editors, we're always slightly in 'observer' mode during a therapy, taking mental notes.  Occasionally, along comes a therapist who makes us switch off completely and live in the moment.  This was one of those treatments, and Jo all but skipped out, with a radiant glow and a surge of summery energy.

Frustratingly for readers, Annee's waiting list is currently closed - although when spaces do become available she does give priority to individuals who buy those seasonal oils, once every quarter - click here to find them.  (And you can also sign up here to her quarterly newsletter.) Meanwhile - and watch this space - there are whispers that some very exciting things may be happening in her signature range.

We promise to be first to share that with you.  But for now, can we just say:  Annee, we really DO love you...?