Something Simply Gorgeous...

Pearls, as we explain in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, are a great boon to older faces. They have a sort of 'halo' effect, softening the appearance of lines.  There is a very good reason why dowagers (not to mention the somewhat weatherbeaten Coco Chanel) swathed themselves in pearls.  (And there's a reason why Jo does, too:  she's right up there with Coco in the pearl collection stakes, mixing real with fake on a daily basis.)

So we want to tell you about a lovely new site where you'll find some rather beautiful pearls.  (Among other things.)  We'll declare something of an interest:  it's been started by a lovely friend, Kate Hudson, who also works in PR for very-gorgeous Guerlain, and her mother.  (Who we haven't met but we imagine is really rather elegant.)

You'll also find vintage children's toys and sports memorabilia and vintage film posters - but oh, let's cut to the chase right here:  what sets our pulse racing is the vintage costume jewellery, from Chanel, Trifari and Miriam Haskell.  (We're massive fans of Miriam Haskell, though we probably shouldn't be sharing this because it's relatively under-priced for what it is.  'Mimi' - whose creations were worn by the Duchess of Windsor and Gloria Vanderbilt - was big on 'statement' jewellery, and we have our eye on several pieces...!)

Haskell bracelet

As the name suggests, you are guaranteed to find Something Simply Gorgeous.  Or rather, Lots Of Simply Gorgeous Things:  sexy, stylish and decidedly swish.

And actually, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw (not something we often do at Beauty Bible!), we rather think that pearls - like youth - are 'wasted on the young...'