Soaper Duper


She’s done it again. Marcia Kilgore, the dynamo who brought us Bliss, Remède, FitFlops and Soap & Glory is literally unstoppable – and thank heavens for that. ‘Clean and green’, she’s calling this range – and it comes in three pleasantly-scented options: Fresh Zesty Lemon, Fruity Green Tuberose and Invigorating Zingy Ginger.

It’s a capsule collection, for now: Body Wash, Miracle Super Moist Hand Cream, Body Lotion and a Body Butter (in the ginger range) – but all high-performance naturals.

On which note it would be a crime not to quote Marcia herself, queen of copywriting, here. (We never lift straight from press releases, but…)

‘You will find innumerable excuses to stay in the bathroom with a bottle or a tube of something from Soaper Duper, and probably use a bit too much of it… Because we make the best naturally-derived bath and body products of the 21st Century (as far as we know anyway). We formulate with loads of real ingredients, none of the usual suspects – no plastic microbeads, no parabens, no phthalates – and we sell them in big, basic, some recycled, some recyclable packaging at enviably competitive prices.’

We very much like the ‘competitive prices’ (they really are). And all we have to add is: Marcia, please don’t ever retire.

Soaper Duper/from £6 for 500ml Hand Wash to £8.50 for 250ml Body Lotion at