SILKSKIN Original Silk Pillowcase

We've all woken up with the face of a bloodhound. Wrinkled, crumpled, more creased than the nightie we were sleeping in.

The answer:  silk.  More specifically, this bestselling SILKSKIN pillowcase, which manages to combine Hollywood glamour with practicality.

Whereas cotton (or even linen) saps the moisture from your face (and the expensive moisturiser from your epidermis), silk prevents your skin from drying out and forming creases.  The story is that the pillowcases also have the same pH as skin, and allow it to breathe while you slumber.  (The bonus:  hair slides smoothly over the pillow so you don't wake up as a 'bed-head'.)

We can so imagine Jean Harlow or Greta Garbo or Marilyn herself resting their weary heads on these pillowcases.

Which makes us feel we're in rather elegant company...

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