Shu Uemura Flagship Boutique comes to WC2

Is there a beauty brand that's not headed to Covent Garden...? It's really becoming the 'Beauty HQ' of the UK, and the latest addition is a flagship store for renowned make-up brand Shu Uemura. 'Shu' (as it's known in the biz) was originally founded by a man called - yes - Shu Uemura, who we had the pleasure of meeting a few times: pioneeringly, he was one of the first to offer professional quality tools and make-up colours to mere mortals like you and us,

The range has massively expanded, now including skincare and oh, a gazillion other beauty wonders. But professional expertise is still at the heart of what Shu offers, so this store is all about hands-on lessons and services, to help us all up our make-up game.

The website offers an introduction to the Covent Garden Shu Uemura team, and is a great way to be kept up to date with their events and all the new launches.

If you live or work within striking distance of WC2, definitely worth 'bookmarking', we'd say.

Shu Uemura Flagship Boutique, 15 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DA /020-7240 7645