Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Body Balm


Shea Mooti gets its name from the shea butter which features in every skin-softening, nourishing product for mother and baby that you’ll find in this range. Developed by Violet Reid, tested on herself and her own cute-as-buttons kids (see below), this multi-award-winning skincare is also great for anyone with touchy skin. A nice touch: though products are proudly made and packaged in the UK, the shea butter is ethically sourced from Afrikids Daughters, a multi-cooperative in northern Ghana.

We’ve been using several of the products ourselves – but no question, the ‘hero’ is Mama’s Everything Body Balm, which is blended with cocoa butter and omega oils alongside that shea, to soften even the driest skin and promote elasticity. Slather virtually from top to toe for supple, velvety skin.

We are also enjoying the Mama’s Take the Rough with the Smooth Soothing Bath Soak, infused with oatmeal (to combat itchy skin), epsom salt, sea salt, burdock powder and shea butter: a bathwater-softening treat with is equally softening to skin. Another hit, as far as we’re concerned? The luxurious, anti-inflammatory Mama’s Soothing Leg & Foot Cream.

Perhaps the best way to try the products for yourself, though, is in the different kits that Shea Mooti offer – for mothers, babies, or a combination of both. Check out the website for the kits – and if you’ve got a friend who’s a new or strung-out mum, these make a fantastic present.

Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Body Balm/£16.99 for 120 ml at (range is from £5.99-59.99)

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