Millie Kendall's 7 secrets of beauty and wellbeing


Millie Kendall MBE is the ultimate beauty insider – and gorgeous in every way. After founding Ruby & Millie cosmetics, Millie joined forces with Anna-Marie Solowij, formerly beauty director of Vogue, to launch BeautyMART, the ultimate edit of beauty products. You can find BeautyMART online ( and on the high street in Topshop at Oxford Circus, London.  Here Millie tells us what keeps her boat floating calmly from day to day. In the mornings, I have 20 to 30 minutes of alone time to prepare my mind and body. I spend time at my dressing table after my shower. I massage myself top to toe with body oils and creams.   The whole ritual is really emotionally balancing as well as physically beneficial.

I eat dinner at breakfast. Nothing beats a piece of chicken and spinach then a black coffee.

I keep a skin hydrating spray with me everywhere – desk, kitchen, car and in my bag. My beauty career started with working for a Japanese company so I have always been into hydrating mists, toners and what are now called cleansing waters. Water with added amino acids reduces dullness and the coolness of a fine mist helps puffiness. I have several favourites at the moment: Honest Beauty Elevated Hydration Mist is in my bag, Caudalie Grape Water on my desk and I love Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist.

It’s important to recharge my batteries at weekends. I totally block out work and focus on my kids, going to the park and playing sports. The sound of children laughing always makes me happy – and sunshine and green space in towns. I play tennis with a journalist friend, go to a boxing class on Fridays and I do a bit of yoga at home, alone or with my daughter.

I am quite a minimal make-up wearer, which is ironic given my job and the fact that I owned a make-up brand. My basics are a tinted moisturiser or light foundation, lip balm or gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eyelash curler. The products vary daily. Base could be a NARS tinted moisturiser, EX invisiwear for more full coverage but a light finish, and an Erno Lazlo absolute finish for evening wear. Lips could be anything from Carmex to Lucas PawPaw, or something fun like luv-2-kiss from Korea. Mascara is anything from Maybelline to Chanel. My favourite eyeliner – always brown or blue - is Glo & Ray ocean liner in blue or make-up artist Jillian Dempsey’s range of kohl liners. The only lash curler I like is the plastic Ruby & Millie ones, as it doesn’t pinch the eye area at all. But the line is no longer in production so I now have to buy them on eBay when I need a replacement.

I am short, which means people look down on my face so I always coat the tops of my blonde eyelashes with mascara before putting loads on the underside. Otherwise the tops don't match the bottoms.

The best wellbeing tip I have ever been given is that everything can wait… I shoulder stress fairly well but I have learnt to slow down and put things off when I feel under too much pressure. I would tell my teenage self to sleep lots and don't stress, to work hard and never let anyone down. Everything works out in the end.