Seven beauty hacks to make you a green queen for Recycling Week


Did you know that this is Recycle Week (from 12th -18th  September)? There is surprisingly little emphasis, we've always found, on the idea of recycling everyday beauty products. You might think: they're small. Insignificant. Can't make that much of a difference to landfill, surely...? But it all adds up – and we're all for recycling anything, when it can be recycled.

So we turned to the very excellent and knowledgeable folk at Recycle Now for their low-down on how to tread a little more lightly – as well as gorgeously – on the planet. (Anytime you want to know how or where to recycle something, they're your go-to.)

1. Take it back  Some beauty brands make recycling their product packaging more straightforward for you. M.A.C & Kiehl’s offer incentives, whilst others like Lush and Origins simply take them off your hands.

2. Buy green  Korres, Burt’s Bees and Neal’s Yard are some of the brands leading the way when it comes to packaging made from recycled materials – good news for conserving precious raw materials.

3. X marks the spot  The super-handy Recycle Now online Recycling Locator is a great way of finding out exactly what items you can recycle in your home, and where to go nearby if not.

4. Bag it up  If remembering to put items in the recycling bin downstairs is an issue when it comes to recycling your bathroom products, try hanging a pretty reusable bag on the door.

5. Love your labels  Packaging labels and recycling symbols appear now on many toiletries, helping you feel confident about what it’s made from and whether it’s recyclable. More info on that here.

6. Beauty swappers party  Not mad keen on your new face mask? Someone else could be! Invite some good friends over & have yourselves a swap shop (but remember not to share used make-up products).

7. Cotton on to something better  Single-use make-up removers like cotton wool and face wipes can fill up the bin quick. Why not try alternatives like washable muslin cloths or face sponges?