SenSpa Spa Therapy Skincare


We are B-I-G fans of SenSpa's bodycare and haircare: unbelievably good value, and performance that rivals products five, six, sometimes 10 times the price. (We kid you not. And unlike most other bloggers, we are never, ever paid to say stuff.) We love the Detox Bath Salts, the Nourishing Body Butter, the Lava Clay Hair & Scalp Masque and more. So we're pleased to trumpet the debut of SenSpa's skincare, which – like everything else they make – comes under the banner of 'beauty steal', with even the most expensive product coming in at £14.99.

One of the highlights, for us, is The Spa's Secret Facial Oil: it's hard to find a decent facial oil at a high street/supermarket price – but this ticks all the boxes, being 100% natural and featuring firming ingredients from seaweed, together with green tea, cranberry seed oil and more. It's brilliant for a de-puffing facial massage, and makes skin feel instantly supple.

Another fave? The One Minute Radiance Mask, which is packed with bilberry, lemon and sugar cane (source of a gentle glycolic acid, to brighten). There are gentle exfoliating particles, and all you do is layer evenly onto face, then 'buff' it away with circular movements. Hey, presto: instantly brighter skin.

A visit to SenSpa's home – at Careys Manor, in the New Forest – is high on our beauty wishlist, we can tell you. But meanwhile? This is a veritable at-home skin spa, in one affordable range.

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