Scamp & Dude Swag Bags


Since former beauty PR dynamo Jo Tutchener-Sharp set up Scamp & Dude, the stylish childrenswear/slouchy clothes brand has taken off like a rocket. It’s almost become a uniform for many of the kids we know!

Hers is an amazing story. Read it here – but basically, Jo suffered a serious brain haemorrhage and had to undergo surgery in hospital, keeping her away from her kids for a time - so she decided to change her life, dropped out of PR and set up her own business to create kids’ clothes with an extra comfort factor. (There are superheroes involved – and they’re way cuter than Superman.)

Life-changing events such as Jo experienced often reaffirm a desire to give back. And so our Beauty Bible Loves… choice today is Scamp & Dude’s charity Swag Bag – or rather, a selection of them, because - for her latest campaign - Jo has partnered with some leading beauty eds and bloggers to come up with a special design of her signature ‘leopard’ print, to raise money for the good cause of their choice: Ruby Hammer, Caroline Hirons, Sali Hughes, A Model Recommends and Sam Chapman.

Choose by colour – or by cause. The profits go to charities including Diabetes UK, Sarcoma UK, Refuge, Cancer Research UK or The Genesis Research Trust.

They’re not just good for beauty swag, but for general handbag crap

Go, Jo.

£28 each – buy here