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Moisturising foundation thirsty winter skin, an unctuous body butter, the gentlest shower gel and a perfect eyebrow colour and brush

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30


Forget BB Creams:  Clinique has moved on!  CC in Clinique-oise stands for Colour Correct, or to give the product its full name Smart Colour Correcting Technology (sorry about all the capitals but that’s the way these things come in the blurb), which corrects your skin’s undertones when they go off piste, so to speak, and perks them up again so your complexion looks bright.  Actually, I love pretty well all Clinique foundations and the great thing about this one is that, firstly, it’s hydrating (great for older drier skins – but always apply moisturiser first) and secondly, it does make you look the promised ‘picture of health’.  Stroke it on thinly to start with – you can build up layers where you need them.  In nine shades, from Very Light to Medium Deep and Deep, which should suit most darker skins.

• Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30/£28 for 40ml at -buy here

Emma Hardie Body Butter
Emma Hardie Body Butter

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Body Butter

Aware that I ‘loved’ Emma’s hand and nail cream recently, I tried rather hard to find another product I like more than this - but actually I just couldn't.  It is the bees knees, cats whiskers (anything else you can think of) of body butters.  Perfick.  Thick, creamy, totally effective, but you don't have to manhandle it out of the jar or deal with a slick of non-absorbent gunk on your skin.  Just let me have VATS of it for the chilly months – actually just year round, 24/7.  (It’s going to be my Xmas present for all my girlfriends.)

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Body Butter/£27 for 200ml at - buy here

Melvita Shower Zest (in Energising Citrus Fruit)


Jo and I love this French natural range, the little sister of wonderful L’Occitane, which is growing up quite wonderfully.  I am a big fan of shower gels but I like them to be natural and non-drying.  This yummy citrussy (orange, lemon, mandarin) gel, a new launch, is a delight to use and contains no nasty chemicals (I mean, just think where you soap!  Eeeek…..).  Plus it is fantastic value.

Melvita Shower Zest/£10 for 200mlat - buy here

Benefit Brush
Benefit Brush

Benefit makeup brushes

I always forget the importance of well-shaped brushes so please – do as I say, not as I sometimes don’t….  So here’s the story.  I have eyebrow issues, as in not much there.  I found a fantastic brow shadow - but then I needed THE brush – and abracadabra!  Foraging in the beauty cupboard I found Benefit’s hard angle/definer brush, which is totally perfect.  Whichever brush you need – foundation, concealer, blush, powder and cream shadow – just make for the Benefit range.

Benefit makeup brushes/from £15.50 for the hard angle/definer brush at -buy here

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