Sarah Loves...January

Sarah loves… lots of real beauty steals for lips, skin, nails… all under £20!

Essential Care Organic Mineral Lipstick, Rose Parfait 10


If you’re anything like me (and most women, apparently), you will ‘eat’ most of your lipstick.  So, on balance, I’d rather it was truly good enough to eat as well as truly looking and feeling good.  And Essential Care Organic Mineral Lipsticks offer just that: creamy-soft, subtly-sheeny lipsticks that are 100 per cent natural and contain 86 per cent organic ingredients – mineral colours, organic plant oils and butters, fruit and flower extracts.  And crucially for winter, they leave your lips really soft.  My perfect shade is Rose Parfait 10, a soft mid-rose with virtually no blue that does double duty as a blush.

• Essential Care Organic Mineral Lipstick, Rose Parfait 10/£18 at here

Beauty Bible Lip Balm

The only product we have ever put our name to – small and perfectly formed, the BB Lip Balm contains organic shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera to nourish and condition winter lips (well, any season really).  We just don't think there’s anything better – especially for the price.

• Beauty Bible Lip Balm/£6 at - buy here

Essie Nail Polish

I asked my favourite manicurist recently which polish she chooses herself for colours, longevity, smooth coverage etc – and she just said ‘Essie’… My last manicure survived a week of parties and horses, which is pretty flipping amazing, especially on my tending-to-flaky nails.  I veer between colours but Cocktail Bling is a gorgeous pale silvery grey, and Chinchilly is a deeper granite that somehow looks good with everything.  Ballet Slippers is a perfect classic pale pink, and, partly for the name, I am tempted by raspberry pink Bachelorette Bash.

Essie Nail Polish/£7.99 for 15ml at - buy here

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel

One of our favourite ranges, this is just what I need in January to de-puff and firm that naughty under-eye bit, which can feature eye bags I could do the supermarket shop in….  (It’s partly due to the irresistible temptation of Christmas cake and mince pies, which contain a lot of ingredients I am a bit sensitive to – and it all comes out in puffiness under my eyes.)

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel/£12.50 for 14ml at - buy here

B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler

My favourite line filler that really works – it can’t make the vertical furrow in my forehead disappear totally but it softens the way it looks hugely.  It also claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to nine per cent in four weeks; a good night’s sleep actually does that for me… but I am up for all the help I can get.

B. Flawless Targeted Wrinkle Filler/£9.99 for 15ml at - buy here

Orchard View Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil

I just love this fragrant, nourishing facial oil from Lucy Stevens, the aromatherapist who launched this fantastic hand-made range in Somerset.  With 99.5 per cent Soil Association certified organic ingredients, it suits virtually all skin types from dry and dehydrated to acne-prone: NB it may seem counter-intuitive but actually facial oils rebalance combination or oily skin.  You only need a very few drops, pressed into clean skin under your moisturiser and it smells divinely of rosehip seed oil, damask rose otto and rose geranium, plus lavender, apricot kernel and 100 per cent natural antioxidant vitamin E.  You won’t know how you lived without it.

Orchard View Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil/£10.99 for 10ml at - buy here