Sarah loves... April

Sarah loves the nicest-smelling haircare ever, a 'beauty steal' skin-cherishing serum, Clinique’s new CC Cream, smoothing body products - and a ‘just-been-kissed’ blush…

Kai by Gaye Straza Shampoo and Conditioner


We are a little bit nuts about this niche range – beloved of ‘A’ listers, which I take the credit for discovering!  As Jo says, the scent is so fab that you feel like swooshing your crowning glory in random strangers’ faces, just so they can have a beatific sniff of the signature swoony fragrance.  Little story:  marketing whiz Gaye Straza couldn't wear conventional formula scents so she designed a scented oil that literally had people stopping her in Los Angeles boulevards.  That initial product led to a whole range – all divine, all the best of their kind.  The shampoo, which features argan oil to moisturise plus glycolic acid to strengthen, and conditioner are simply fabulous for my dry coloured hair.  The price isn’t outrageous for the quantity.

Kai by Gaye Straza Shampooand Conditioner/£28 for 300ml at - buy here

ArganOrganics Regeneration Skin Smoothing Face Serum


This handmade range was started by mother-of-three Aileen Smith, whose radiologist father was passionate about growing therapeutic herbs and the power of nature to heal.  While some products are aimed at soothing skin problems such as eczema, this modestly priced serum – a real 'beauty steal' - is a star too.  With a base of pure argan oil, rosehip, evening primrose, macadamia and pumpkin oils, a few drops of this fragrant oil at night are gorgeously nourishing for dry sensitive skin.  The scent comes from an anti-ageing blend of essential oils – frankincense (it helped preserve Egyptian mummies, so go figure!), Bulgarian rose absolute, lavender, chamomile and geranium.  Do take it down your neck and bosom – and it’s great for hands and nails too.

•  ArganOrganics Regeneration Skin Smoothing Face Serum/£15.99 for 30 ml pump buy here

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30

This ‘hydrating colour corrector’ went straight in my make-up bag for London and Dorset.  (Thank goodness we know what CC stands for, unlike the many interpretations of BB...)  It’s deeply hydrating, even against the still wintry winds that assault my face out riding, evens out skin tone, camouflages little flaws, doesn't settle in lines – and adds a subtle touch of colour.  Perfick, really.

•  Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30/£28 for 40 ml here

Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub and Body Butter

I’ve long been a fan of this affordable brand (and the London day spa – an ideal retreat when life gets a bit overwhelming).  And thumbs up to them for getting the delightful Darcey Bussell as their spokesperson and face.  Click here to read the interview I did with her recently.  (And yes, she really does use the products.)  Anyway, back to the Scrub and Body Butter: even if you are still swathed unseasonally in black opaques and thermals (essential for riding), it’s vital to start exfoliating your limbs in the optimistic hope that spring will leap into sun – and sun means BARE LEGS and ARMS.  These two products work, they’re lovely to use.  That’s it.

•  Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub/£9.99 for 250g and Body Butter/£9.50 for 300 ml both at - buy here and here

By Terry Hyaluronic Blush Ultra-Stay Fresh Glow


So there are lots of great cream and gel blushes, I hear you say.  True.  But… this little tube is a worthy addition to the group.  Just pop a dot from the teeny tiny nozzle on your cheekbones – it looks a bit scarily bright but blend it in and – abracadabra! – you look as if you have come back from a brisk walk or possibly just been kissed…

•  By Terry Hyaluronic Blush Ultra-Stay Fresh Glow/£28 at - buy here