Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement


It is possibly a little too early to report on the long-term benefits of slipping this additional supplement into our skin-vit regimes (after all, we do already take hyaluronic acid, Power of Krill – to ensure we get our Essential Fatty Acids - and other skin-strengtheners…) There definitely seems to be something going on: a little extra ‘glow’ that certainly isn’t down to the (increasingly gloomy) time of year! The dual supplements, presented in a sort of yin-yang-designed tub – one capsule, one tablet – contain a cocktail of skin-friendly ingredients, in one case (vitamins A, B3, D, flaxseed oil, sea buckthorn, lutein, lycopene, resveratrol, Co-Enzyme Q10 and our good old friend hyaluronic acid). The other supplement is designed to enhance sleep itself, when skin’s regenerating powers are at their peak.

Better sleep = better skin, goes the thinking – so hops, lavender, vitamin B6 and magnesium all feature. Victoria Health’s resident pharmacist and nutri-guru, Shabir Daya, worked on these with Sarah, so we have absolute confidence in what’s in there.

And what we can say is that if you want some crazy-amazing dreams, these do the trick! Bright technicolour. Fantastical scenes – even ‘scented’ dreams, in Jo’s case. We reserved judgment when Sarah told us that many of her devotees were reporting vivid dreams, but that’s just what we’ve experienced. Next-best-thing to lucid dreaming!

To sleep, perchance to dream – in colour! – of more beautiful, radiant skin…?

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement/£46 for one month’s supply at