Sanatio Naturals Orange Blossom Neroli Water


As you’ll already know, we’ve never been massive fans of toners, per se. (Old-style toners, anyway.) We do know, though, that some people still don’t feel fresh without swiping something over the fizzog as a final cleansing step. Floral waters have always come into their own, here, for us – and they don’t come more beautiful than this. (Or pricier, actually – around the same as a branded toner from an upmarket skincare range.)

Each to their own budget, however – and if you do fancy splashing out (and splashing on), this is a total treat for the senses. Impressively, one of the ‘queens’ of aromatherapy, Danièle Ryman, worked on Sanatio Naturals to create their luxury oils and waters, which are all ‘Danièle Ryman Aromachology Approved’.

This is distilled from the tender white buds of orange flowers – but if you prefer a rosewater, there’s a beautiful example of that, too, from Bulgarian roses.

Sanatio also suggest mixing them with clays, for instance, to make face masks – or using as linen sprays. Just about the last word in luxury. May you enjoy flower-scented dreams…

Sanatio Naturals Orange Blossom Neroli Water/£26 for 100ml at